Thursday, March 12, 2015

This is a test, with photos

Pat Miller

All the photos on this blog have disappeared.

Will this photo disappear like all the other ones???

It seems that when Google combined Picasa photo app with Google+,
all the photos disappeared. Some forum comments:

Jayne MorganLevel 1 
I've already gone through this checklist myself without any result but here goes:
1. I haven't altered anything in Picasa other than to confirm that all album settings are Public.
2.I've always uploaded photo's direct from my PC to my blog which I presume are then stored in Picasa.
3.Oct 26 directly prior to joing Google+ !!!!!!!
4.I haven't removed/deleted any photo's from Picasa but am unable to trace any of my photo's/albums prior to this date (26 Oct).....2 yrs worth.
5.I joined Google+ on 26th or 27th Oct (which I've since cancelled). I haven't changed my Blogger account in any way.
6.No I haven't done anything at all with Google+ but did check to ensure the album settings were 'Public' prior to cancelling.
7.No I'm unable to trace any of my photo's in Picasa, prior to when this problem occurred.
8.I haven't deleted any of the photo's anywhere.
I've already posted the problem in the Picasa forum quite a while ago.....they have no solution and I was directed here in the hope that Blogger/Google could figure things out!  I've posted here numerous times, as have many others with the same problem, in the hope of sorting things out. No such luck I guess.
DarkUFO - Blogger Top ContributorTop Contributor250 Best Answers 
Jayne, I understand your frustration but there is not much we can do here in the Blogger Forums. The problem is that they are missing from Picasa so only the Picasa experts can help to find out why. Picasa is used by many Google Services to host photos etc and there is nothing either you or we, on the Blogger side can do.

I would suggest you ask in the your Picasa post, that you ask them to Escalate your post up to the Google Picasa Engineers to investigate why/how the photos were deleted and if they have any suggestions as to how they can be recovered.