Saturday, November 30, 2013

Been busy packing and sorting out all the things you have to do... toss stuff out, redirect postage, cancel services, get the removalists in place, pay the steam cleaners and the apartment housekeepers, get storage sorted, on and on it goes. Had some great visits from friends....

We have organised a month's rent in an apartment in Florence. Here is the link:

We move out of the apartment in Exhibition St and hand over the keys over on Friday 6th. Then off to Kalgoorlie on the weekend to say "Ciao belles" before returning to Melbourne on Tuesday evening.

We fly out on Friday 13th. At least we turn left on entering the plane....

We have two days in Rome before training it to Florence to give ourselves time to recover from the flight.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Welcome to a new Blog.

This one will keep you posted on our whereabouts during our Italian Adventure 2014.

We set off on December Friday 13th, from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi to Rome and then Florence.

Currently negotiating rental arrangements with our Florentian contacts.