Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday 12th December 2013

Last day in Melbourne before flying out.

We're both exhausted, but spirits are pretty good.

As usual, with all the lifting boxes, carting stuff, bending over, etc etc, my back has joined the disabled brigade and I am spending more and more time on the floor doing exercises to try and recover some movement.

Had a great time in Kalgoorlie, seeing everyone, the Grandkinder are doing well, growing up, expanding their horizons.... Stew and Christina are doing a great job.

Meanwhile, back in Melbourne, last Tuesday evening, we have moved to a small apartment in Exhibition St.

Activities these last two days have included sorting out superannuation stuff with lawyers and accountants, getting the last of the medical approvals sorted out, getting enough medication together to last us 6 months, and finally today, the tossing out of surplus stuff from our overloaded suitcases and dragging it back to the Fort Knox Lockup.

We have some terrific support from friendly service people everywhere:

Robert and Michael - building managers at Regency Towers. What a great couple of managers these guys are! They fully epitomise the old saying that "Rules are for the guidance of the wise and the blind obedience by the fools".

They have brought wise guidance and flexible thinking to situations where lesser managers would buckle and submit to the tyranny of "No, it's the rule!" Thanks guys!

Izzie and Ryan of Little Red Trucks who moved our stuff out of the Exhibition St apartment and into the Fort Knox lockup. These two guys have outstanding spatial relationship skills that resulted in a three dimensional tetrus-like pack of stuff crammed into a 3x2m lockup. Death to stuff!!

Megan from Fort Knox - friendly and understanding service with a big smile.

Donna and Sarah at Woolworths in QV Shopping centre - beaming smiles and always helpful

Robin at the money changers in Elizabeth street next to Medibank, who saved me 1% on forex, and a lovely guy to boot!

The bright and smiling (and extremely competent) girls at the Brunswick family dental surgery...

The understanding and good humour of Maria, Angela and Tony at Moreland Medical

Marlene at Melbourne Pathology - a jolly soul of wisdom, light and humour. And Barney Google!

Sesuana at the chemist on Exhibition St who patched up my bleeding arm - a Florence Nightingale, readying me for a gale of nights in Florence (almost a word-based palindrome!)

The lovely girls at Back in Motion in Brunswick... Not to mention Marcus! Thanks Marcus.

One last hiccup has been trying to get an internet dongle working so I can download stuff to Google drive. Luke from the Telstra shop on the corner of Lonsdale and Exhibition streets, is a paragon of focus and attention to customer service. Goodonya Luke! You are re-making Telstra in it's proper image!

And last but not least, Stephano and the wonderful staff at Pomodoro Sardo at Lonsdale St. What a lovely welcome/farewell.

And to all our other friends, too numerous to mention in this short missive, and who have given such enthusiasm to our crazy idea of hitting Europe, a huge hug and thank you for all your support.

Off to bed now... the new adventure starts tomorrow.

Rod and Su


  1. Farewell Su and Rod. Have a safe trip and happy trails. Look forward to reading of your adventures. Joanne x

  2. Have the best and safe time. Can't wait to read more about your adventures :-) it seems like lm there with you both xxoo