Friday, January 3, 2014

Here it is New Years Eve!

We awake this morning, to a brisk and crisp Florentine winter's day - the last day of the year 2013.

Our new, favourite restaurant "The Touch", is booked out for this evening "Been booked out for months!"  says our host Max. I don't know why I'd thought there would be any other outcome.  

So we decide that we'll eat at home and then wander down to the Piaza del' Duomo where all the action is likely to be.

So, off to the meat market that we found last week. The meat market is worth a para or two. 

This little piggy....
A bit like Victoria market in Melbourne, only quite compact. The covered section contains butchers and fishmongers - the most popular meat seems to be pork - and the fruit and garment stalls are located outside around the periphery of the building. Last week, I bought some slices of delicious cooked roast pork at one of the food stalls outside.

vegetarian delights
Anyway,  I bought a lovely roast pork stuffed with orange and herbs. (Su: I wasn't there!)

See what a Sensitive New Age Guy I am? I did think about Su's vegan dietary requirements - I could have bought a plain pork roast, without any oranges or herbs!

il Duomo
A change of plan - we have manage to book a table at a new pizzeria near the Piazza Duomo, down into which we will wander, after dinner, to see in the New Year. I've taken a bit of video of that evening, which I will put up on YouTube when we get our internet sorted out.

Anyway, the roast is now reserved for New Year's day. 

via Dei Bince, 19

STOP NEWS: we viewed an apartment this afternoon at Via Dei Benci,19 (check out Google maps!) It's a beauty - it meets all of our list of 12 Important Apartment Requirements, (that we should have made up before this) and we will probably, almost certainly, take it. More news later. 


             HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

p.s. Our first guest arrives on Friday 3rd Jan 2014


  1. Rod & Su,
    This is the third try at this. Hope it works. Glad you are out and about again and look forward to following your adventures.
    Cheers Killa

  2. Hi Rod and Su
    Love reading your news. What an adventure you seem to be having. All's well here. Bit of smoke about but no bushfires threatening as yet. Had some 40 degree heat here, a bit different from where you are.
    Take care Gail