Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Ponte Vecchio - the old bridge
Su's retrospective: December 28th 2013

An occasional series where we try valiantly try to catch up with events that seem to be unfolding too quickly....  The problem with this blog is that posts are plonked one on top of the other, like dinner plates in a stack. Any newcomer must read the blog from the bottom post to the top, which doesn't feel quite right - normally one reads from the top down to the bottom.... and if you want to add a comment that's a bit older, (a bit like wanting to insert a plate in the middle of the stack),  sorry, you can't!. You can only put it on the top.  Thus the retrospectives... read on.

Michael Franks Live with
Crossfire in Australia.1980
Having a G&T and listening to Michael Franks "Crossfire" album. So many memories from 1980 and beyond! 

We are looking for our next apartment which will provide all 'access-ments'! We spent 4 hours yesterday wandering the streets of Oltrarno (across the river Arno)

We really like this area away from main tourist places with more local bars and trattorias. Good lunch and wander back across the Ponte Vecchio an old bridge lined with jewellery shops. 

These are protected by ancient wooden shutters. l believe this was the only bridge not to be destroyed during the war by the retreating Germans

Here and there one can see bunches of padlocks with names on them. 

Young  couples lock them to the iron railings and throw the keys into the Arno river. Very romantic! And much nicer than the graffiti that is now fading!

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