Monday, March 10, 2014

March 9th 2014

Been very remiss in keeping up the Blog - apologies.

In summary, here are the headlines of our latest adventures (we will try and expand on them later):
Fiesole Amphitheatre

1. Took a bus trip to Fiesole to see the Roman Amphitheatre and Museum.

2. Lunched with our delightful landlord family and met some new expat friends.

3. Went to see a live stage production of "The Rocky Horror Show" put on by local drama students to a pre-recorded music background, with dialogue in Italian, and all the words of the very familiar songs in English. A really good night's entertainment.

Andrew and Carol Medici

4. Had a visit from Andrew and Carol

5. Visited the Medici Chapel.

Vecchio Torre

6. Went up Vecchio torre (Old Tower) and enjoyed magnificent panoramic views of Florence.

Michelangelo's Doni Tondo

7. Toured the Uffizi Gallery.

8. Toured the Pitti Palace.
Pitti Palace

Santa Croce
9. Toured the Santa Croce Church and Museum - which has the tombs of many notables, including Galileo Galilei, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Dante, Napolean's relatives among others.

10. Looked over the city at Piazzale Michelangelo and visited the Rose Garden (sadly no roses yet)

11. Visited the local Mercatino (second hand market), very down market and very unprepossessing, until you walk through the foyer into the most remarkable domed vaulted ceilings with beautiful frescoes on walls and ceilings.

12. Visited the Leather School of Florence.

13. Visited Coleen and brother David near Asti in Piedmont province. Inspect mausoleums, wine making factories, eat great Piemontese food and wines.,_Piedmont

14. Spent a couple of days in Verona, visiting Castel San Pietro, the Vecchio Chiesa de San Fermo, visiting the Roman amphitheatre and Arena and booking tickets for the Opera "Aida" in July, which is staged in the old Arena itself.

As we get time, we will expand on these doings.     Maybe. 

Anyway, we recently found a good English package tour company that has a lot of interesting tours that we would like to take.

In particular: 

  • Northern lights - 6 day group tour in Iceland looking at the Northern Lights
  • Train journey - 14 day package tour on a private train retracing the "Silk Road"
  • Tour of Moscow and St Petersburg.

As the packages are based out of London, this means flying back and forth from Florence. And seeing as the "el cheapo" direct flights offered by Vueling Airlines are being withdrawn at the end of March, we have decided it is time for some new scenery and that we will relocate our base to London. 

So, after three months - yes! three months, doesn't time fly - we fly to London on March 17th. 

Its packing-up time again. I better go and start. Catch you all later.

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